Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice tells you about the types of personal data that we at Picnic Kiosk collect, how we handle it, how we store it and how we keep it safe.

This notice also tells you about your rights in relation to your personal data.

We hope the following sections will answer any questions you have but if not, please do get in touch with us.

It’s likely that we’ll need to update this Privacy Notice from time to time. We’ll notify you of any significant changes, but you’re welcome to come back and check it whenever you wish.


Our Contact Details Are:

Picnic Kiosk
The View Point,
South Queensferry,
EH30 9SF.

Tel: 07434896514


Picnic Kiosk collects, stores and uses information about

  • our own employees and prospective employees

  • the employees of potential and current customers

  • the employees of our suppliers; and

  • the personal data being processed by our customers to the extent that it is necessary for us to provide our services.


As you would expect, we are fully committed to dealing with all personal data in a fair and transparent way and ensure that we have the appropriate security measures in place. This notice sets out what we do with your personal data, why we do it, who we pass it on to and what we do to keep it secure. A separate notice is made available to our employees.


We use the personal data of the employees of our customers and suppliers to contact them about the work we are doing for them or the work they are doing for us.

We have a legitimate interest to process this information in order to keep doing business and provide the services that we offer. This personal data will generally be limited to employee contact details.

We will use these contact details to send information about other products and services from time to time. This is because we have a legitimate interest in promoting our service but we will always provide the individual receiving the message with the option to opt out of receiving our messages.

Employees of Potential Customers 

We want to tell people about our services and believe that we have a legitimate interest to do so. We will use the contact details of business contacts to send information about our services and events we hold from time to time. Again this is because we have a legitimate interest in promoting our service but we will always provide the individual receiving the message with the option to opt out of receiving our messages.


Personal Data we Process as part of our Service 

We may occasionally have to use the personal data that is being processed by our customers in order to provide our data protection services. We will only use this for that purpose and no other purpose. It will be held securely and then returned to our customers as soon as it is no longer required for that purpose.


We will only share personal data as is necessary to provide our services. This will only be with third parties that we trust and where appropriate arrangements are in place.

All of our data is stored on an internal server and backed up in a secure hard drive.

We will hold these contact details for as long as we are providing you or your organisation with our services or you are providing us with services. If we no longer have this relationship with you we will delete your data one year after the termination of this relationship.

Employees of Potential Customers

In relation these business contacts, if you do not engage our services or come to our events, we will hold onto your data for five years after which it will be deleted.


You have rights in relation to your personal data and can ask Picnic Coffee Shop for the following:

  • To access information about the personal data Picnic Coffee Shop is processing and to obtain a copy of it;

  • To change incorrect or incomplete data;

  • To erase or stop processing your data;

  • To stop sending you marketing messages; and

  • To object to certain processing activities.


If you would like to exercise any of these rights, or if you have any concerns about how your personal data is being processed, please contact us on the contact details above and we will do our best to address your concerns.

If you still believe that Picnic Coffee Shop has not handled your personal data properly or has not complied with your rights, you can complain to the Information Commissioner. Contact details are available at